Outreach Ministries

At the core of every individual's life is a need for relationships -- with God
and with God's people. If you are looking for a place to get involved Word
of Faith is the place for you. As you read about our grassroot ministries you
may find that some are more in-tune with your special interest, skills or 
characteristics. If you would like to become part of these outreach ministries
or need assistance from these ministries contact us.  We look forward to seeing
and hearing from you.

Bus Ministry

If you need a ride to services for Wednesday night Bible Study or Sunday
Morning Worship or Sunday School we will be happy to run picks in the surrounding
Brent/Centreville area.

To schedule a ride please call the following:
Greg Robertson, Jr. at 205-926-4555 or email us.

Music and Drama Ministry

Sister Alice Ookeditse

From the Musical Drama "Word Alive"

Queen Esther - "For Such A Time As This" Drama
Bishop Bernard Steele - as King Ahasuerus; CoPastor Alice Steele - as Queen Esther and
Bishop Edmond Dunklin - as the High Priest

Missionary Rosie Moore
Youth Coordinator
Missionary Rosie Moore Youth Coordinator

Youth and Young Adults Ministry



Food and Clothing Bank

CoPastor Alice Steele - Helps Committee Coordinator

Jesus admonishes us in Matthew 25:45 to feed "....the least of these...",
and in so doing it will be as though we are doing it unto Him.

Male Mentoring

Deacon Larry Lilly

This ministry is designed to help the young men of our community and church in
developing into men of God. Our deacons and senior brothers guide young boys
and men in how to develop and demonstrate good manners and gentlemen like
qualities at home, in school, their community and at church and social functions.



Faith Fund Ministry

Missionary Margaret Robertson & Sister Patty Clark

Our Faith Fund Ministry was formed in 2000 (Mission 2000) and has been a
resource for small and large projects, including the purchase of our beautiful
glass podium, designed by our pastor.  This ministry is 50% funded by the children
and pocket change from our members. Our next major project is the purchase of
new church computers and AV equipment.

If you would like to contribute to this fund or other ministries please send check
or money order to:

Word of Faith Worship Center
c/o: Faith Fund Ministry
Post Office Box 545
Centreville, AL 35042

Make checks payable to:  Word of Faith Worship Center

We are a non-profit 501-c(3) organization; your contributions are tax-deductible.


Christian Mentoring

**Coming Soon - Coordinated by the CoPastor




Anytown Church has developed a wonderful partnership with Kanytown Church in Nairobi, Kenya. Every year we send a team to Nairobi to serve and fellowship with our Kenyan brothers and sisters. In between our annual missions trips, our members sponsor children so they can go to school, pray for one another, and do other things to support one another. If you are interested in going on this year’s missions trip or want to be more involved in missions, please contact Manny Miso at 555-555-5555 or email